A4 Laminating Pouches

A4 Laminating Sheets in Gloss, Matt, Peel and Stick or Velvet Soft Touch

Within our range of A4 laminating pouches, you’ll find a choice of thicknesses and finishes, including both gloss and matt laminating pouches. Regardless of which product you choose, you’ll receive a clear, precise and professional finish every time. As for pack sizes, you’ll find everything from small packs containing 15 pouches to large packs containing 150 pouches.

And when it comes to choosing between a gloss or matt finish, it all depends on the type of documents you are laminating. As experts, we recommend a glossy pouch for everyday items such as book covers, restaurant menus and study materials. As they reflect the light and reduce glare, a matt laminating pouch is more suited for signs and images.

A wide range of uses!

Our A4 laminating pouches can be used with all pouch thermal laminators including our 3 in 1 laminator. Designed for moderate use in the home or office, these mobile and cost-effective laminators are capable of producing consistent results for a range of laminating tasks. And because of their practicality, are fast becoming one of the most popular laminator machines available.

If you’re looking for advice on the type of documents you can laminate, check out our helpful guide for plenty of ideas.