World Earth Day 2020

Wednesday 22nd April was World Earth Day - a day for us all to demonstrate support for environmental protection. We’d like to take this opportunity to share with our customers the ways in which our products are designed with our environment in mind, as we play our own part in contributing to sustainability. 

Our laminating solutions are widely popular with public services; particularly schools, so when the government announced they were challenging public services to limit their use of plastic, and for schools to become plastic-free by 2022, we at DESKit decided to do our bit by aiming to eliminate all non-recyclable plastic from our product range by 2021, including packaging as well as our materials. 

As a UK business with demand from the public sector, we believe that it is our responsibility to adhere to government regulations; with our laminating pouches being essential for school resources and public service communications, we use recyclable plastic so that presentations can be disposed of easily without contributing to landfill.

For more information about our products, or how we contribute to environmental sustainability, contact us on our website: or call 020 3983 5566.

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