An unprecedented school year calls for top-notch tuition

It’s fair to say, 2020 has been an unusual year for all of us.

But, in March, when strict lockdown restrictions were put into force, causing us all to have to isolate at home, it wasn’t just a struggle for adults. 

Our children had to bear the brunt of this ‘new normal’, particularly through their education.

With schools shut down, and with adults expected to work from home or not at all, parents had to put on their ‘homeschooling hat’ to ensure their children were still on track to achieve everything they needed to within the school year.

And for busy parents juggling work and home life, it’s no wonder that the momentum and routine of school was lost for children across the country; all as a result of the pandemic. 

With the new term signalling a return to school for thousands of pupils, it’s now more important than ever that those affected take on additional homework and homeschooling tasks to ensure they make up for lost time.

Whether your child is preparing for the exam season during this school year or is just working their way through the primary or secondary school system, whatever stage your child is at in their learning journey, now’s the perfect time to invest in their education for the future.

And although, as a parent, you would love to have all the time in the world to help home tutor your child, it’s unfortunately not always an option for busy, hardworking families.

But one way you can ensure your child is at the correct stage in their school development is by investing in personalised tuition or tutoring services.

Although they come at an additional expense, tutoring is a great way to enhance a child’s learning in any subject that may not be their strong suit at school. 

So, what are the benefits of investing in a tutor for your child?

Whilst they may seem obvious, there are actually plenty of other benefits to seeking out additional educational support from an external tutor for your child.

From personalised tuition tailored to their style of learning, to focusing on subjects that they may struggle to grasp at school, utilising an experienced tutor can be an invaluable investment into your child’s future.

1-1 tuition

tutor teaching student

Every child learns differently. And every child has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to schoolwork. 

So, for teachers who are already stretched to capacity teaching hundreds of students each day, it’s no wonder that personalised learning for each and every pupil is a realistic solution in the classroom.

But tailoring a child’s tuition to suit their learning style is key in ensuring that they understand and can apply their knowledge further down the line, ahead of their important exams.

And this is where personalised tuition can really benefit children of all ages. Regular one-on-one tutoring sessions allow for a tutor to understand how an individual learns and responds to different techniques.

For a student that struggles to grasp maths problems, tutors can spend more time focusing on a particular area, breaking down the method in simple chunks, and allowing the student to fully understand the working out process.

This can of course, give children the confidence when in school to fully understand the topic, and provide that extra support that most teachers can’t always offer.

Additional subject support

child learning at home

Most people have a subject at school that they always struggled with. 

And for a core subject like maths, English and science, this lack of understanding can lead to stress and worry when exam season looms.

Tutors can often specialise in a certain subject area, which means that a student investing in their services can tackle their issues head on, and have all the questions they need answering by an expert in that field.

These highly trained tutors can provide the additional support for your child, and ensure they have the best chance of meeting the necessary requirements, if not exceed them, in any upcoming exams.


online home tutoring

Additional tutoring can very often be out of the question for students who lead busy lives, particularly with extra-curricular activities that take up a lot of their spare time.

So, for children who need that extra support but don’t have the time to visit a tutor face-to-face, there are plenty of tutors across the country that offer online tutoring services.

Online tutoring provides that additional flexibility that many busy parents and students need, as it allows them to schedule sessions out of hours at a time that suits them, all whilst cutting out travelling time to and from a tutor’s home or office.

With just a quick search online, finding a tutor who offers online services is quick and easy, and can ensure your child gets the subject support they need without having to give up the after school activities they love.

Exam preparation

school tutoring

The work your child does at school is not only preparing them for the future, but also for those important exams that arrive at the end of their school career.

And now, with children as young as primary school age having to be prepared to sit exams ahead of secondary school, it’s very important for pupils of all ages to cope with the pressures of the test system.

Tutors are well equipped in providing additional help during this stressful and nerve-racking time, and they will be well-versed in ensuring their students meet the requirements needed to take that next step in school life.

By investing in additional tutoring support, parents can ensure they are providing the best opportunity for their child to excel in a subject that they need to improve on, and can really help them to grasp a subject at their own pace.

Particularly at GCSE level, tutors can be a big help to support the unwavering workload of pupils struggling with juggling 11+ subject exams and coursework. 

And with tutors often having the knowledge and experience of exactly what exam markers are looking for, this insight can help them to reach the top-band grades they may not have been able to reach without this additional support.

Parents investing in a tutoring service for their child can also help to reinforce their learning by placing memory sheets, mind maps or other resources in key locations across the home.

By laminating and placing these learning materials in areas like on the fridge, kitchen noticeboard, bathroom mirror or in their bedroom, can make for an easy way of building on your child’s long-term memory, making revision ahead of exams even easier.

magnetic laminating

A laminator can also be a great help in testing your child on what they learned during their tutoring class. By using gloss laminating sheets, any workings out or markings can be wiped clean, so test sheets can be reused again and again for additional practice.

If you’re considering looking for a tutor in your local area, be sure to visit our ‘Top Tutor’ page to find a DESKit-approved tutoring provider who can help your child on their way to success.

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