Spot the signs, and stay safe in the kitchen

Prepare for the ‘new normal’, health and safety style, with the most recent kitchen safety signs for the hospitality industry. 

It’s fair to say these past few months we’ve all been waiting for the green flag to signal the return to normality, and for the restaurant sector, the changes in Government guidelines have not come soon enough. 

The recent updates, highlighting that pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants in England will aim to re-open their doors in July, will bring a huge sense of relief to members of the hospitality industry across the country. However, welcoming back the general public also brings with it an even greater emphasis on the health and safety of both its customers and staff alike, alongside the heightened importance for clear and concise health and safety signage. 

The food industry is used to handling health and safety laws with the utmost care and attention, and will be no stranger to a ‘Please Wash Your Hands’ sign in the kitchen and in bathrooms, but for safe food preparation in today’s climate, additional measures have been put in place to ensure these extra precautions are met. 

Here are the top three health and safety signs that should be added to your kitchen: 

1. Hand wash station

With hand washing a proven technique to stop the spread of the virus, clearly labelling hand washing stations for both customers and staff in the kitchen is key. 

2. Please use hand sanitiser

Updated signage highlights the use of hand sanitiser, which restaurants should be readily supplying for its staff and customers, but not in replacement of regular hand washing. 

3. How to remove gloves

Gloves will become the norm for chefs and restaurant staff preparing and handling food in the sector, so disposing of gloves correctly is paramount in reducing the risk of transferring bacteria. Highlighting this easy, step by step infographic in a key location will help to promote the safe disposal of gloves, clearly and concisely. 

Once you’ve taken time to digest the new signage that will need to appear in kitchens and public facilities, you should also consider stepping up your health and safety to another level by laminating your safety signs. 

Laminating important signage is an effective way of reducing the risk of spreading germs and other bacteria, as laminate can easily be wiped down with antibacterial solution; a particular advantage when working in a kitchen setting where drips and spills are commonplace. 

Gloss Finish Laminating Pouches 

Perfect for keeping documents clean from hand prints, food spills and bacteria, Gloss Finish Laminating Pouches are an effective solution to keep your signage from looking like new, and most importantly, keeping your staff and customers safe. 

What’s more, these pouches allow for easy removal of erasable pens, so you can jot messages, notes and other important information without the hassle of re-printing! 

Magnetic Laminating Pouches 

They do just as they say on the tin - easily stick your signs to an important location, including a notice board or fridge, with no fuss, in no time at all. With the ability to move around signage to key areas of the kitchen, you can make sure you’re capturing the attention of your staff and customers. 

Peel and Stick Laminating Pouches 

Peel and stick - it’s so quick! Perfect for use on windows, the Peel and Stick Laminating Pouches are a great way of showcasing signage in a key location - and with no marks left after use, there’s no need to worry about mess. 

Also, be sure to check out our easy-to-follow guide to laminating your hygiene signage here

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