9 Quick & Easy Websites offering FREE Printables for Kids

Learning can always be fun, and resources on the internet are limitless, which is why teachers and parents alike are turning to online resources that keep the kids busy!

The term ‘worksheet’ is rarely exciting to children, but online materials offer interactive alternatives to turn education into enjoyable activities. 

Printables make learning FUN!

By simply printing out visual learning resources, your children can comprehend grammar & arithmetic with less writing & methodology, and learn words & numbers through decorating & colouring

Whether at home, school or nursery, children enjoy learning visually, and printables offer leisurely ways to do so!

Using Printable Templates for different age groups

For children, printables can be used at all stages of learning, here are some ideas:

Infant (0 -3 months) 

Try simple shapes on black & white cards.

Toddler (6 months – 18 months)

Develop their language with cards showing basic objects, colours and geometric shapes.


Help them learn to read by experimenting with phonetics & numbers.

Key Stage 1  

Teach new words, pronunciation, various sounds and number bonds.

Key Stage 2 

Times tables and literary devices are easier to remember when they’re fun to read.

Secondary School

Time for revision cards.

There are printable resources for all manner of purposes. Activities don’t have to be educational, try out some colouring sheets, craft templates, or put together a nature hunt - you can even find printable home organisers and calendars for us boring adults!

The Benefits of Printables 

  • Use again and again when laminated
  • A cheaper alternative to buying flashcards
  • Encourage creativity by having your little ones help decorate them
  • Can be added to displays for kids to learn from through visual memory
  • Learning without staring at a screen!

Resources that are actually free!

While there are endless tools online to produce the materials you need, it can be difficult to find free websites (even if they claim to be, there’s usually a hidden fee or sign-up process involved). 

So, here are 9 tried-and-tested FREE websites offering quality, variety and hassle-free templates for you to start teaching - without the kids even knowing it!



Twinkl is a membership-based platform but it also offers some freebies. 

Look out for the ‘Free Resources’ tabs when you type on the search button.

They are also offering some great free resource packs during the COVID-19 school closures to support parents at home.



This is a great treasure-trove when it comes to printable worksheets, as it covers a wide age group and a variety of themes. 

The sheets are all black & white, but they provide the necessities and they can always be decorated!

Child writing on laminated multiplication worksheet



You will need to sign up to their newsletter, then you can access a range of completely free worksheets!



The book editor offers a range of free printables related to reading, spelling and writing.

Perfect for developing writing skills or for producing reading guides to laminate and keep.

Scholastic Teachables Website


Great Schools

GreatSchools is a non-profit organisation which supports parents through picking the right schools, community actions as well as learning tools. 

They have 1000s of free printables to pick from!


Mr Printables

This website is packed with great inspiration for both parents and kids. The content is aimed mainly at pre-schoolers and Key Stage 1, but the projects are fun and quirky, and the free printables are just beautiful!

The quality of the illustrations, as well as the activities, are what makes them stand out from other websites. 

They run solely on donations and advertising, so it’s hard to believe that this one’s free! 

Alphabet flashcards showing an apple, a bee and a cat


Fun With Mama

Mainly targeting 2 to 8 year olds, Nadia offers a wide range of themed activities. Not only are they nicely and clearly presented, but she also has demo videos with her 2 children demonstrating how they use the items (really cool!).

Simply sign up to her newsletter to access the free Printables.

Laminated alphabet template for play dough activities


Tea Time Monkeys

Tea Time monkeys, with its amusing characters, offers a range of free flashcards and games targeted to toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Tea Time Monkeys Pinterest Board showing Free Flashcards for Kids


Buggy and Buddy

A great range of free educational and creative (as well as fun!) activity sheets from former Teacher, Chelsey.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities for toddlers and primary school children.

Buggy and Buddy Free Printables Pinterest Board


Make them last even longer with lamination!

Laminating is fun too!  Get your child involved in the process by making your own cards together.

The following products are perfect for making your printable templates last, so you can keep reusing worksheets and flashcards, or posters to display in classrooms, bedrooms or playrooms:

A laminating pouch with gloss finish ensures your cards are easy to wipe to get rid of those sticky handprints and any other mess.

Write on them with erasable pens and use them like a whiteboard! 


Stick your resources to a magnetic easel, board or fridge.


Stick onto a window and leave no marks.


Using a cutting tool ensures your cards are cut perfectly to size and you can prevent sharp edges by rounding the corners.



For extra strength, use Xtra250 (250 microns) laminating pouches to make your flashcards, posters and worksheets more durable and reuse again and again! 

Then display your cards on a classroom wall, or in a bedroom or playroom!

For any more help and advice for making the perfect resources to keep your kids busy, contact DESKit today!


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